Servo Stabilizer are available in wide range and various models.The standard three phase are suitable for balanced & unbalanced supply and loads.The standard models confirm to the following specification

Input Voltage360-450 V350-460 V340-460 V340-480 V320-480 V300-500 V
Efficiency (as per calculation)99.5%99.3%99.10%99%98.7%98.10%
Output Voltage400 V±1%,3Phase,50 HzSTANDARD ACCESSORIES
Output Voltage Adjustent±5%1. Voltmeter with Selector Switch for I/P & O/P
Output Voltage Regulation±1% (at no load / full load)2. Ammeter with Selector Switch
Corection Rate10V -15V/second(or as per requirment)3. MCBs for control circuit
Temperature Rise(Max)35° C- 40° C above ambient4. Lifting Lugs
CoolingNaturally Oil Cooled5. Drain Valve
InsulationClass ‘A’6. Oil Lever Gauge
TypeIndoor7. Earthing Terminal
Mode of SystemFully Automatic/Semi Automatic/Mannual8. Rating Plate
MountingOn Uni-directional Wheel9. Junction Box
Wave form distortionNil10. Thermometer Pocket
Duty Cycle100% Continuous

* All specification / calculations are subjected to change due to regular improvement in products without prior notice