Why The Regulator Control Is Superior Than Thyristorised Control In Rectifier

In plating application, the regulator is better and technology is adopted in Germany and Europe because of as explained in advantage.

Other manufacturers of rectifiers have shifted to thyristors because they do not have the technology of rolling carbon roller regulators.

Manufacturers of electroplating power rectifiers claim that thyristor controlled rectifier has less losses than regulator. They compare thyristor with sliding carbon type regulator. In our case their claim is not true. We use vertical coil type rolling carbon regulator. The copper section is three times so the losses are almost 1/6 or 20%.

In our regulator the roller moves on both sides of the coil to give ± 440 V or ± 254 V output. We design the rectifier in ‘Q’ connection in which the regulator current is half the line current so losses are less and life is much more.